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Unable to launch CounterPoint

I installed CounterPoint on my Samsung Galaxy S7, but got an error message: CounterPoint keeps stopping. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times, but still could not launch it.

Hi edlex,

What operating system version are you on? Are you able to create a screenshot as to when this crash occurs? We will look into this.

Actually, i can see many crash logs from a device S7 on Android O (8.0.0). Since then our release v1.11.4 b73 has a fix addressing a potential issue for Android O and the permissions dialogue. Please update your app to this version (or newer) and report back if it does or doesn't work.

Problem resolved: I turned off the VPN on my phone and was able to launch the app. I don't know why the VPN was interfering, but I had the same problem two months ago when trying to launch TurboTax.

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