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Transit Stops

I realize it is a bit of a stretch, but I do a number of counts waiting for the bus at stations with a lot of activity. It would be interesting to have a transit count option to do on/off counts for the stop, especially at stations with multiple bus lines that use the same stop.

Stretch? No way, that would be a great idea to count # of transit passengers getting on and off. As well as for door counts for buildings within the block of the counterpoint.


Do you think you need information on what bus line number you are counting? If so, that could be an issue. I would say it really doesn't matter what bus line # you are counting and just combine all the on/off passengers at that stop. (which you could geolocate afterwards for the bus numbers via open City transit stop data). This way it would be very easy for the user to get started without having to mark down all the transit bus numbers. Interested to hear your thoughts.

I like the idea of recording the route number, but the add complexity probably isn't worth the time. The aggregate on/offs for a station illustrates the use of the station. I think if the idea is to demonstrate the mode-split, than the total count would do that adequately.