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registration not synced between app and web?


I created an account on my phone using the Android app. I could see the counts after having done them.

Later at work I tried to log-in on the web app, wouldn't recognize my email or password, hit forgot password and it wouldn't recognize my work email address. But I was logged in on my phone with that email address.

Created a new web account, but even then, on the map, I couldn't find the counts I did this morning and the new counterpoint I created didn't exist.

Now if I try to login with the "new account" the app doesn't recognize it. If I try the "old account" (which is the same email, but a different password), the app crashes.

I managed to export my data but I want to use it again this week and need a secure way to do it via my phone. The data shown on the phone data was wrong compared to what I exported as CSV.


We are looking into this. We'll get back to you soon. We are also experiencing issues with the web-app only at the moment.