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Local transit types? Russia?

Here, in Voronezh, we have like 3 types of buses:

1)small 15 seats +5 struggling minibuses like Ford Transit and
2)medium 25 seating+25 standing  usually variations of
3)common bus, 30 seating+50 standing like

So, the question is, which we count as "bus" and which as something else?


We see your confusion with buses. but I think the idea is that we are classifying these objects into “personal” and “oversized” as marked with the red colour. so with that if the vehicle isn’t oversized then for now it should be just a personal car not an oversized bus, even though you have local knowledge that it is in fact a vehicle transporting lots of people. in Canada, we have large transport vans that fit 10-12 people as well, but since it is a Van, we would classify that as a personal car.

End answer is that any vehicle that is not oversized is classified as a personal vehicle, otherwise it should fit into, bus or semi for a regular count.

Does that help clarrify?


CounterPoint Admin