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iOS - Crash on start up. RestKit corruption.


Oh and btw I went to open CP to start working on new stuff and I can’t/ it crashes immediately.
Steps To Reproduce
  • Open iPhone app and crash.


Phone Model: iPhone 5

Operating System Version: iOS 10.3.3

Reported by: AnnMarie

Looked into our crash logging system. We have 4 crashes since yesterday on this issue which all came from an iPhone running iOS 10+.


We are using a 3rd party library called RestKit and this library has 4 open issues related to our issue here:✓&q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+initWithHTTPRequestOperation


Since we’re seeing an increase in issues with this library so might need to come up with an action plan to replace this network serialization library.

Uploaded files:
  • Screen-Shot-2018-07-20-at-1.05.53-PM.png