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FIXED - creating accout, it says my email is in use, not true

Just downloaded the app for Android.  Never used before.  I have 2 diff email addresses, and the app claims both are in use.  This is not true.  Never used it before. Never downloaded it before.   Is there a fault with the app in this regard?  I have a use to count people where we want to document ped and bike traffic to lobby for a crossing which is currently illegal. Thanks very much.

Note that going to the app and doing "forgot password" leads to web browser where I enter my email and response "the email you entered is not in our database."

Thanks @bikey. We are currently looking into this and have found a solution.


In the meantime a demo user is:

u: [email protected]

p: password

We have found the error in the server API code that handles booleans. Apparently, booleans coming from Android's networking framework come through as strings and not JSON booleans. Therefore our code was failing and causing a generic 400 error back to the Android user. The whole backend server team at counterpoint is very much sorry for the past weeks of being busy and missing this in our test suite after the changes were made back in December.