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Counts don't display accurately

Once I complete the count, the next screen shows the results but the numbers are very different. I've included a screenshot of the summary screen and then the count history of the same count.

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  • Screenshot_20180921-192128.png

Hey Tony, I don't think it's not displaying properly but just displaying differently than you are expecting. The numbers above the bars in the graph represent the percentage not the raw number. The numbers will add up to ~100% (due to rounding).

oh geez - you're right!

Did it show raw numbers at one time? I went from iPhone to Android and that's when I noticed the final numbers not looking quite right. Thanks for clarifying!!

I did show it at one time and currently does on iPhone. But lo and behold that was actually a bug as it is different than the original web app that only shows percentages in form of graphs (not even showing the raw percentage number). All our efforts are currently on Android at the moment, but we've had this bug jotted down for a while and would fix it when we move toward the new version of iOS.