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Bike Rack Count

I think this would be split into two types of counts

1. # of bike racks in a location

2. # of bikes parked in a location. (maybe two indicators, parked formally on a bike rack or parked informally on a lamp post)

Then you could figure out the utilization per bike rack.

Would this be for counting the number of bikes in a rack (utilization), the number of racks at a location, or the number of rack locations?

Being able to log counts of bike rack utilization would be really useful to us so we could see where additional racks are needed. It would be great to be able to attach a photo to each count to have visual confirmation as well.

This would be to count the total number of formal bike parking spots designed within the block and the total number of bikes attached to the bike racks.

The count can be found – <A Counterpoint> / Count / Audit Area / Bike Racks

TODO: Add this count type formally to the website.