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App crash(?) after switching to camera app


Just before the end of a count that was over 2 hours long (regular count, no time limit), I switched to my phone's camera app to take a picture. When switching back to the Counterpoint app, it restarted and it looks like my whole count data was lost 🙁

Steps To Reproduce

  1. ??



I tried reproducing the bug (start count, switch to camera app, switch back to Counterpoint) but couldn't reproduce it. I suspect this is something to do with the Android power/app management. Not that I had been using other apps (including the camera app) multiple times without issue.

For reference, the count started around 6:45am (central time) and the crash occurred at 8:57am (based on the time on the photo I took).


Phone Model:

Moto G7


Operating System Version:

Android 9


Reported by:


Thanks for the bug report Harald. We really appreciate this. Our dev team is looking into it and will post updates as we narrow down this issue.

I am interested in knowing if the data collected on an iPhone can be retrieved after an app crash. What is the file name and type that stores the data and what file is made for it?
Thank you.