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App crash(?) after switching to camera app


Just before the end of a count that was over 2 hours long (regular count, no time limit), I switched to my phone's camera app to take a picture. When switching back to the Counterpoint app, it restarted and it looks like my whole count data was lost πŸ™

Steps To Reproduce

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I tried reproducing the bug (start count, switch to camera app, switch back to Counterpoint) but couldn't reproduce it. I suspect this is something to do with the Android power/app management. Not that I had been using other apps (including the camera app) multiple times without issue.

For reference, the count started around 6:45am (central time) and the crash occurred at 8:57am (based on the time on the photo I took).


Phone Model:

Moto G7


Operating System Version:

Android 9


Reported by:


Thanks for the bug report Harald. We really appreciate this. Our dev team is looking into it and will post updates as we narrow down this issue.