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Android - Cannot "take photo" when creating new point.


When creating a new counterpoint using the Android app, when it comes time to add a photo, if I "take photo" instead of "choose existing" the photo that I take isn't loaded into the point I'm creating.

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Open app
  2. Click green plus circle in bottom right corner of app to create a new Counterpoint
  3. (optional) fill in name, street 1, street 2, comments)
  4. click on the "add a photo" box
  5. click on "take photo", not "choose existing"
  6. *camera app opens*. Take the photo
  7. click on the blue check circle to confirm that is the photo you want (see screenshot...cashews 😛 )
  8. *takes you back to the counterpoint creation screen, but the photo is not loaded. It is still the blank "add a photo" box (see screenshot)


Take the photo directly from the camera app and "choose existing", instead of "take photo"

Phone Model:

pixel 3a

Operating System Version:

Android 11

Reported by:


Uploaded files:
  • Screenshot_20210530-223559.png
  • Screenshot_20210530-223842.png

Hey Paul,


This should be fixed now in the latest Android version. Cropping will have to wait. As well, you can now Edit a Counterpoint and edit the picture if you'd like,