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Android - Cannot edit or flag points


When I open any point on my Android, There is nothing above the photo; no back button, no title, no edit of flag button. The title is actually UNDER the photo.

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Open app
  2. scroll map to Johnston Rd & Bank St, Ottawa, ON
  3. click on the green point (Johnston Rd between Bank St & Southgate Rd
  4. click on the white box that has title and "click me to do a count..."
  5. (see my android screenshot)



Other than using iOS version, no known workaround


Phone Model:

pixel 3a


Operating System Version:

Android 11


Reported by:


Uploaded files:
  • android-Screenshot_20210530-222112.png
  • iphone.jpg

Hey, Paul this has been added to Android v1.11.13, and being able to ban a counterpoint is up on v1.11.14.