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Android - adding photo is auto-cropped without preview or input/confirmation by user


When creating a new counterpoint using the Android app, when taking a photo or choosing an existing photo, there is no preview of what the photo will display as in the app. It is auto-cropped, sometimes forcing the user to retake a photo and hope for a better crop.
This is important/relevant because when taking the photo, I try to make it very clear where the person should be when counting. I try to include easily-recognizable road markings, signage, buildings, and other landmarks so that the person can easily situate themselves. But if something that was in view when I take the photo is automatically cropped out... I have to retake and retake. I believe the cropping is worse with vertical pictures
(the iPhone version of the app does preview the cropping first. Why not android?)

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Open app
  2. Click green plus circle in bottom right corner of app to create a new Counterpoint
  3. (optional) fill in name, street 1, street 2, comments)
  4. click on the "add a photo" box
  5. click on "choose existing"
  6. find the photo you have already taken and click on it (see screenshot... cashews! 🙂
  7. *takes you back to the counterpoint creation screen, the photo is loaded with the green vertical count line, but a significant part off the top and bottom of the photo is cropped without warning  (see screenshot... cropped cashews 🙁


None really...

Not as bad with landscape photos

could maybe better predict the auto-cropping with practice

Phone Model:

pixel 3a

Operating System Version:

Android 11

Reported by:


Uploaded files:
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  • Screenshot_20210530-225040.png

This would be a great feature. We will add this in the future. Ideally the camera activity that Android starts up should allow cropping by default but it doesn't and has to be handled in a fairly complicated way for a picture taken from the camera vs. from a photo picked from your library.